Area Digital Health
Creation date June 4th, 2013
Development stage Commercialization


The actual rate of Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) reporting is still remaining low. New methods and tools must be developed to stimulate Patients/Healthcare Professional (HCP)’s interest. Reporting must be easy, quick, and rely on existing behaviour, and versatile objects. Using a smartphone/tablet dedicated application can be an efficient tool to increase ADR reporting. 

My e-Report is a new ADR reporting software. It allows anyone (patients, relatives, HCP...) to report in a simple, quick and secured way an adverse reaction from smartphones and tablets, through a free application downloaded on the internet. It includes all the required essential information for a valid case - a reporter, a patient, a reaction, a drug - within 43 fields to click in. The description of the event is the only unlimited free text field. My e-Report® has also its matched online ADR formulary which can be installed on any website. All the cases, issued from both app and formulary, are transferred into a pharmacovigilance database eVeReport.

With its user-friendly interface, the application could be used and customised for specific needs to intensivelygather safety data, such as PASS/PAES, additional monitoring drugs, Risk Management Plan.ie customisation with Quality of Life questions in chronic diseases.

Mobile reporting tools support the evolution of patient behaviours and their relationship to medical and scientific progress as the patient is now a demanding and proactive customer for his/her own health. The benefits of patient contribution to drug safety are now established and are set to increase, particularly with the rapid development of mobile communication media.

An other tool My eClinical is dedicated to any investigator involved in a clinical study, and wishing to report a serious adverse event to the sponsor, directly from his smartphone (or any other digital platform)

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