Area Med Tech
Creation date February 8th 2010
Development stage Phase 1/2a for the SonoCloud


CarThera SAS develops innovative solutions for the treatment of brain diseases. CarThera conceives new medical devices using ultrasound in order to optimize efficacy, comfort and cost of treating various human pathologies, especially in the brain. Such developments are performed from the beginning from "bench to bedside" by a multidisciplinary team including medical doctors, biologists, and physicists. This multidisciplinarity is a major advantage and leads to innovative solutions that both satisfy the needs of clinicians and provide optimal care for the patient.  

The medical devices developed by CarThera come from AlexandreCarpentier, a neurosurgeon at the Hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière, a UPMC Sorbonne University hospital in Paris. The medical devices have been conceived to bring solutions and to optimize clinical procedures.

The two medical devices of CarThera are designed to be used during outpatient treatments for the diagnosis & thermal ablation of brain tumors (SonoProbe®) and for use as an adjuvant to chemotherapy treatments (SonoCloud®). The developed devices are innovative in several regards:

  • At the level of technology used, they utilize the highest technology of miniaturization
  • At the level of biology, they employ the use of new tissue-ultrasound interactions
  • At the level of clinical use, they use interventional MRI procedures for the brain
  • At the level of clinical use, they will rely on a new organization by hyper-specialized outpatient centers

The SonoCloud, ultrasonic device that temporarily permeabilise the blood-brain barrier, enables the diffusion of therapeutic molecules in the brain 5 times better than usual. This device provides hope for the treatment of brain cancers, but also other pathologies, such as Alzheimer’s disease.


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